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Wood is being widely used to build structures for centuries. From the beginning, it was easily accessible and used to cost significantly lesser compared to other options. With suitable engineering techniques, woods can be used in almost all applications. The only drawback that is associated with wood construction is about the height factor. Professionals usually don’t recommend using wood for constructing buildings exceeding 5 stories. In recent years, steel has taken the market and is being commonly used for the construction of commercial buildings. However, for the development of residential houses, using wood is the most economical option available.

Advancement in the technology of wood refinement allowed engineers to opt wood for residential constructions. New methods and techniques are being used to enhance the properties of wood, improving its strength and durability, making it more suitable for house construction. Wood has been proven as the best option for the development of houses due to many reasons. Before considering the benefits of wood over conventional brick contractions, let us get a quick overview of how woods can be classified, and what makes one type, different from another.

An INSIGHT over the classification of wood:

When it comes to using wood for building homes and residential apartments, there are some options you can pick from. Each kind can be differentiated from the other based on some unique properties and features. Wood mainly can be divided into two distinct kinds - hardwood and softwood.

  • Hardwoods: a type of wood that typically comes from deciduous trees – ash, beech, birch, maple, oak are few of the examples.

  • Softwoods: softwood is obtained from evergreen trees that retain greenery all year-round. A few of the examples include cedar, cypress, fir, pine, spruce, and redwood.

Types of Wooden Houses and Construction - Serving different purpose

  • For regulating temperature - House made of logs: Homes that are assembled directly onto the plot using wooden logs are the best options when it comes to maintaining the temperature of the house. The advantage of using wooden logs and trunks in the construction is that the thickness of the wood keeps a suitable humidity level and helps in preserving the inner temperature.

  • Building MODULES? opt for Light woodS FOR CONSTRUCTION: Lightwood is considered the most suitable option when it comes to building modules and small compartments. It is the most commonly used type that is used to build homes in America. A significant amount of small accessories are used, that facilitate building modules, helping in pre-manufacturing of small apartments.

  • Mobility: These houses are constructed in factories and transported using cranes in large parts to their final destination. Such houses can be built as a single part or in several, depending upon the feasibility of available options.

Benefits associated with wood frame construction: Wood frame construction is the most sustainable and economical option for the construction of residential houses. Further advancement in technology will allow engineers and architects to build much taller wood structures, ensuring higher stability and strengths. Other benefits are also associated with wood frameworks, such as it is a sound-absorbent of carbon and offsets greenhouse gases. Therefore, an increase in the use of wood in construction can considerably reduce the overall carbon in the environment, making it much cleaner.

A BETTER ALTERNATIVE - More Sustainable and Economic:

The preference for Wooden houses has considerably increased over the decades. Using wood for construction is a more sustainable and economical alternative. The greatest advantage that is associated with wood construction is that it can be recycled; therefore, it also considered sustainable. Wooden homes are made from non-petroleum materials that can in no way harm the environment and the surroundings.

A reason why it is preferred over the conventional methods : As we are familiar with the fact that there is always a demand for building things quicker, cheaper, and in more dense areas. Therefore, using wood is considered the best option to achieve such goals. Using wood for building homes reduces the need for heavy machinery during the construction phase, minimizing the overall cost. Moreover, wood is relatively cost-effective and is readily available if compared to other conventional options. A house that is constructed using wood can easily be renovated, almost eliminating the hassle of demolishing the whole house and rebuilding it from scratch

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