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The Hidden Meaning behind ‘Professional Builders’

Professional builders specialise in what they do, operating differently from others

When you invest a considerable amount of your money, energy, and time planning your new home, you require a professional firm that is willing to act in your best interests. This understanding and compassion start the very first time when the contact is made, not at the contract signing.

How many builders provide information and insights about the building process online and the building industry, purely because they’re willing to assist the consumer make the right decisions and raise the bar of the building industry? Not much.

However, not every builder want to be a professional builder. Unfortunately, history has shown that many builders don’t act in the best interest of the clients.

Both builder and client want to establish a commitment level of the project, shared values, and a good match. Therefore, learning about each other, chatting about the project, and taking some time to meet is important for both the parties. You also need to ensure that you’re talking to the builder and learning about who will be involved in your project once it initiates, not just talking to a salesman whose job is finished once the contract is signed.

Simply making a decision based on money is never wise. A professional builder will act with transparency, integrity, and be accessible, thoroughly understand your wishes and fears, and always communicate.

A bit of money, energy, and time dedicated upfront will save a huge amount of money, energy and time later down the track!

Questions that you may ask from the builder

1. Ask about the team that will build your house and what their experience is? Identify if they’re experienced in the construction methods used and your type of build. Also, inquiring about their experience and qualifications held by the persons on site is important. The number of apprentices versus how many people are supervising? If your build involves specialist materials or a particular construction method, does the building team have a successful background and adequate experience in this type of build?

2. What system does the builder have to ensure you get the home you want, schedules are met, and quality control is greatly emphasised. Previously, things were either scribbled on a piece of 4 by 2 or just stored in heads. However, the advent of cloud-based, online job management systems has been particularly designed for the building industry, taking over the filing cabinets and the excel spreadsheet.

3. Ask how often they communicate? Does this process permit regular onsite meetings with you and who will be present?

4. Identify what steps they take to guarantee the build quality and any defects. You can check out our building industry membership firms. They have substantial information for homeowners on matters, for instance, contracts, guarantees, plus legal and contractual obligations.

5. Ask if you can interact with any of their previous clients. Is it possible for you to view their previous work? Try ensuring this from past clients who have undertaken projects on a similar level to yours.

Questions a Potential Builder May Ask You

When you verbally contact a firm first, they should have questions for you as well. If you’re presented with a number of questions, believe that the processes within the company are systemised. They’re willing to determine if you can be given the service you’re requesting for.

For instance, you may require the house to be built in a year, and the construction may deem this as impossible due to excessive workload. This would, at the very least, allow you to make an informed decision to either wait a bit more or look for another builder.

While some firms may accept the job without asking any questions, you may have someone lacking in the experience needed, or you may have to wait a long time to get started. So, do your homework and use money and time upfront to find out exactly who you’re dealing with.

A potential client may not be even looking for an added product or service, heavily prioritising the budget. Every building company will have its benefits which need to match the needs of the client to avoid any disappointments.

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