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Planning the Layout of Your House? Here are Some Savvy Ideas to Renovate It!

When planning a layout of your house, we must be acquainted with the fact that all houses have possibilities of renovation, partial or total. Every home has potential if we can find it. Sometimes we have the impression that we are not taking advantage of all the available space – ignoring how we could improve and achieve that change. It can also get you significant ROI in terms of time and money.

Tips on how to plan home renovation:

  • Space analysis: Planning to renovate or re-structure a house, includes the adjustments of space, structure and organisation. And if they are complicated and expensive – and it is understandable why – carry out home remodelling. It might help you solve the space issue, and you will not have to face the real problem. To make sure you are making a mistake, you need to conduct a thorough analysis of your home. Identify what you like and what you don't like and what needs to be changed. If planning seems a challenging task, contact professional home builders in St. Albans.

  • Give reasons that explain why: You need to think of the ideas and the options available, from simple redecoration to more profound renovation. You need to look at your house objectively and critically, contemplate and analyse your daily life and determine which spaces meet your needs and which do not. Decide on the spaces you would like to keep, and note down the ones that you don’t have and thus, would need. Once you are clear what the things that need to be changed are; some will fall into construction, others into decoration, and so forth. Through this thought-processing, you will be able to identify what you need to change exactly. Examine your daily routine, how you spend the day at home and consult the other family members to know their point of view as well.

  • Take a deep analysis: You can do a general consultation and examination exercise to undertake important home remodelling at your home:

  1. What do I like most about my house?

  2. What bothers me most about my house?

  3. Is there any uncomfortable or narrow stretch of movement in the house?

  4. Do all rooms meet the objective they are built for?

  5. What is each of the rooms used for?

  6. Is there a room that is used very little?

  7. I have needs that space does not fulfil since it is inadequate?

  8. Do I take advantage of natural light efficiently?

  9. Do I have enough power outlets or switches?

  10. Is house maintenance expensive?

  11. Are the rooms practical, or do I find them uncomfortable?

  12. Plan to renovate a house, but how?

Points to consider:

  • Do not worry now about how to make all the changes.

  • It is not yet time for that issue: identify the needs at the moment.

  • Do not spend time thinking if they will be expensive or not, if they will be difficult or not because they might not be.

  • Visualise the most comfortable and suitable environment for you, your family and the difficulties that prevent it.

Once you have evaluated your home, and now is the time to determine the magnitude of the necessary changes like:

  • Paint in poor condition;

  • Necessary changes to the kitchen;

  • The kitchen is small, and I don't know how to make it more spacious;

  • My house does not have good insulation;

  • I don't have a necessary workspace for me;

  • I would like to have a dressing room, and I don't know where to get it;

  • The bathroom needs new coatings;

  • I would like to distribute the room differently;

  • The lobby is small, and I don't know how to decorate it;

  • I have very beautiful views from this or that window;

  • I have high ceilings etc.

Home Extensions in St. Albans: an excellent option to enlarge and beautify your home!

If you think your home needs a little space, expand a room or place to build a modern dining room, or if you like a terrace. If you live in weather conditions too extreme to enjoy an open outdoor area– home extensions in St. Albans are the perfect solution!

The common thing about the extensions is that they are small spaces but, when attached to the original area, they offer a very spacious look. The space looks quite generous and luminous since one of its characteristics is the entry of natural light through large windows or completely glazed walls.

So now that you have a clearer idea of ​​what we are talking about and you fall in love with them, we recommend you to opt for home remodelling or home extensions. You will see that in addition to practical and very useful, they also look great!

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