• Martyn Ross

How to find affordable builders in St. Albans

If you’re planning to get home extensions built in your home in St. Albans, you have to work within a budget. There are various builders available, who won’t charge you an arm and leg.

Here are 9 tips that will help you find an affordable builder:

1. References can guide you better

References give you information. You can ask the builders to provide you samples of their work or use a reference given to you by your friends and family. If you approach a builder through reference, they will assist and guide you.

You can go through the samples of work provided by a builder and ask to go and see their work.

2. You can judge a builder by their experience and qualifications

If you are short-listing builders, interviewing them about their qualifications and experience will give you an insight on their work. Their experience will tell you a great deal about the type of home extensions they have done in St. Albans.

3. Make sure the builder has insurance for construction tools, workers and materials

The builder should have insurance because this will help you save money. If any incident or accident happens, which damages the material or construction tools, it is important that the costs are covered. Lack of insurance can cause you to pay extra.

4. Make sure you get a detailed quotation

Many builders in St. Albans will give you estimates of how much the work will cost. It is important that you have a list prepared of things that you require the builder to cover. This will help you budget your finances according to the requirements. You can keep track as well as do market research on your own to compare the price quoted by each builder.

5. A signed contract is beneficial

A contract is the best way to seal the deal. Once you have it written in black and white, it holds legal meaning. A builder will have to comply according to the signed contract.

6. Know the stages of the work’s progress

Builders in St. Albans will guide you on the stages of construction. You don’t have to necessarily make complete payments before the work starts. It varies from builder to builder and how they work. Some builders also take payment in installations.

7. Settle the payment once the construction finishes

It is unethical to withhold the payment until you are satisfied with the work. It will not be the builder’s fault if you don’t like the finished project because a builder only deals with the construction. However, if you find some faults or unfinished work, the builder will have to fix and complete it. Once the construction has been completed, make sure you settle payment or dues.

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