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Thinking of remodelling your kitchen? Applewood Build, the best extension builder in Hatfield, has an ultimate guide put together for you!

You’d be hard-pressed to meet someone who doesn’t have a dream-worthy kitchen design in mind. Most of us long for that one day, when we finally have enough room and budget to customise our cooking spaces. However, when that time comes, doing so feels like a giant Herculean task. There are so many hows’ and whats’, and you are not always sure how to even start something like this? Which improvements will be more functional for you and which will appeal to buyers down the road?

If you are in the same boat of question marks, this post is for you. Applewood Build has compiled the essential do’s, and don’ts of a beautiful (and successful) kitchen remodel. Consider this your initial outline to the kitchen remodelling project and keep it on hand as the builders begin with the renovations. Our tips will help you come up with a space that will be both functional, valued, and aesthetically pleasing for many years to come.

Do; do some thinking before hand

When most people brainstorm a kitchen remodel, they have a somewhat similar finished look in mind: a huge island, granite countertop, and professional-grade stainless steel appliances. While there’s nothing wrong with this kitchen-vision, it’s important to keep in mind that this is YOUR space and it should suit YOU. Rather than just trying to meet the status quo, consider how you and your family will actually use this cooking space.

Maybe your kids will join you with their homework while you cook so you’d like a decent desk to be included in the area? Perhaps you are a good host and need a dining table for your friendly dinner and lunch parties? Whatever your aim to do in your kitchen should be a part of your design plan.

Don’t: mistreat your budget

As renowned builders in Hatfield, we know how true this is for all remodelling projects, especially when one is dealing with kitchens. The average remodel cost is thousands of pounds, so you need to make sure you’re wisely spending. As you design your cooking space, make two columns — must-haves and a wish list. Then, price out each of the items you are planning to install and prioritise them according to your budget. This will help you with a clear idea of where to invest and where to cut corners.

There are many other things you can do to make this remodelling project more affordable. Consider refacing your cabinets instead of changing them or maybe purchase your appliance package on wholesale rates. If you’re a little tighter on the budget, simply replacing fixtures and drawer pulls would be enough to give the kitchen a fresh look.

Do; pay attention to the layout

The layout is the most crucial element of this whole project, yet it is always overlooked the most. It won’t matter how elegant your new refrigerator is if the countertop is not letting you fully open the door. To ensure your new kitchen functions the way you would ideally want it to, hire builders in Hatfield who will help you with a functional working layout.

However, if you’re aiming for the DIY route, preview the layout before you step out to make any purchases. To do this perfectly, collect the measurements of all your potential design elements and give yourself an idea of how much space each element will take up.

Don’t; neglect the storage

Kitchens are mostly one of the most overstuffed spaces in your home. Between cooking appliances and food storage, homeowners feel there’s not enough space to store other stuff. If you’re spending a good amount on a remodel, be certain of including storage options that are both stylish and functional.

Do; light up your kitchen

There are many visual components to working in a kitchen — measuring spices, chopping up ingredients, reading the stove temperature and the recipe book at the same time. The last thing you want is to squint your eyes for more light. For this very reason, kitchen lighting cannot be neglected at any cost.

Try to envision yourself working in your newly upgraded space and consider where to add more light, like around the cooking station, near the sink and over a kitchen island. If you have enough budget, you can consider adding extras lighting like under-cabinet lighting to make the room brighter.

Remodelling a kitchen can truly be overwhelming as it’s the most used space in a house and homeowners tend to get too excited with multiple ideas. With a little planning, smartness, and professional builders in Hatfield like us on board, you can ensure your vision for this most favourite space falls into place.

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