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When it comes to a home extension project, with all the excitement and thrill, there comes a lot of responsibility. Whether you are looking to improve your garage or planning for side extensions, there is much to follow and kept under consideration as you embark on the development project to expand your home. To help you get started with this tedious task, we have narrowed down a few of the factors that will provide you with an insight into what you should follow when you plan for an extension in your house.

TOP of the list - development and planning permission

In the planning phase of home extension, a Permission Letter is a primary step. Regardless of your construction plan and design, you will need Building Consent if your home is built in a conservation area. Therefore, you must be well aware of the planning rules that may apply in your district/state. There are some extension projects which you can undertake without permission letters. However, in that case, your plan must not be violating the Permitted Developments Rights. It is always recommended to seek guidance from authentic and reliable contractors/builders to know the exact rules and regulation. Rated among the best builders in the UK, AppleWood, are the most trusted Building Contractors in Hatfield.

GET a professional home PLAN DRAWN UP:

A good design is all about how well the construction is planned. Depending upon the scale of the development and construction, it is suggested to consult an architect, to know all the possible ideas related to designing and reconstruction. A professional drawn up design can significantly enhance the overall structural planning of your house. Hiring a professional will definitely help in getting a better result. If you are looking at the best home extension builders in Hatfield, put a stop to your search, as the experts at Apple Wood Build will help you to produce the most exceptional home plans, working closely with you to get you the perfect design you want.

Know the pricing status:

You need to know that when contractors quote for work, they quote lots of distinct prices simultaneously. They try to incorporate dozens of small task, to increase the overall pricing structure. You must have the right knowledge about all the specifications from the beginning. One way to avoid such circumstances is to keep a note on every task that workers perform during the renovation work. It will surely enable you to know the exact amount you owe to pay, rather than getting stunned by the final cost sheet.

Consider adding extra value to extension plan:

Extending or renovating your house is the most guaranteed way to add to its Market Value. But the question is how well this task can be performed. To increase the value of your property, you have to opt for the latest ideas and techniques. To obtain the best results, you have to invest

In considerable amounts in your project. This can mean using top quality of material, hiring professionals to look after your constructions and much more. However, all this could be achieved if you opt for the best building contractors in your locality. Some contractors offer cost-effective deals and prices and charge comparatively less than others. Therefore, you still could add value to your home extension, provided, you research the actual cost of the items, before finalising your deal.

Avoid using UNFAMILIAR MATERIALS – it can ruin your construction

To smoothen your project, it is always recommended to use authentic and reliable construction products. It is often the case when builders and contractors suggest you items that are entirely unknown to you. Opting for what your contractor is proposing will not always help you in getting the desired results. When you include the ‘Unknowns’ in your scheme, it can certainly end up in the most undesired results. Therefore, it is necessary to put your concerns and demands up front and run the task according to you. You builders might want to create something bespoke, but in a lot of cases, you could get disappointed by the results.

Enhance the sustainability of your extension plan:-

As discussed above, a home extension could be a significant way of adding value to your property. What you should do is look for advanced methods and techniques to improve the overall sustainability of your new project. Consider reducing the running cost of your home by using authentic and effective materials. By choosing cheap and unauthorised materials, your home may lack in maintaining the inside temperature due to poor quality of insulations. In the long term, the best option for you is to improve the sustainability of your house by upgrading to new and reliable products. It is also the responsibility of the contractor to advise you on the best strategies to enhance the sustainability of the house. The experts at Applewood Build are the most renowned Building Contractors in Hatfield. We offer the most cost-effective and reliable ideas suiting most to our clients’ needs.

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