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All you need to know about getting an extension in your home

If it’s decided that you want an extension added to your home, it won’t be as easy as you imagined. There are a lot of factors involved such as what to design, get the plans passed and figure out a budget that will cover all expenses. You can consult builders in Hatfield to guide you through this process.

Since you will be investing financially in getting your home extension built, here are a few things that you should consider before you start with the execution.

Any Shared Walls

If your home extension builder in Hatfield requires the construction work to dig foundations within 3m of the boundary wall or your neighboring wall, it has to abide by the Act of Party Wall as per laws of builders federation.

Site Access

The ideal location or suited environment for home extensions requires ample space on the property. This will be used to pile the material, tools, and park the construction machinery. You have to consider that if you live in a narrow or small neighborhood structure, how and where your construction material will be placed or how the trucks would reach your property if your street isn’t that wide.

Demands on Your Services

When your home extension starts getting built, it may require water or electricity. You need to make sure that you have enough resources to manage both your home and the external extension work.

What else you may need to consider

When you get your initial plans drawn, make sure you ask your building contractor in Hatfield to test the soil conditions of your site, the surrounding trees and plants should not get affected. Also, make sure that you are not violating any right of way and know the history of flooding or of land-slides on your property.

How to design your home extension

When you move on to the next step of building your home extension, you should also consider the designing of your new extension. You can choose to design it by yourself, choose an extension builder in Hatfield, or hire an architect.

Why is finding the perfect designer or architect important

It is important that you find a team or individual designer or architect who will draw up your plans. You need to do research, read up on reviews, and use references to find an architect. A good architect can comprehend your needs and they can draw or plan accordingly for execution.

If you have designed your home extension on your own, you will still require the help of a designer or draft-person who can draw your plans to submit them for planning approval. You will need the services of a structural engineer who will estimate the calculations and helps you in the building registration process. They will also write the contract and documents required when you hire extension builders in Hatfield.

A building contractor in Hatfield will take up the responsibility of overseeing and guiding the construction workers as per your drawn and approved plans. Builders in Hatfield can also refer you to various architects who can work according to your needs and come up with an executable plan.

Getting an extension built in your home is easier than building a new home, itself. As you have the basic rights to your property, you would only require permission for the extension and approval of your plans by the Government or Federal property associations.

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