• Martyn Ross

5 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Renovating or Building a Home

Mistakes do happen! However, they can be quite costly and hectic when something goes wrong with the newly built portion of your house or with an extensive home renovation project. Inflated cost is not the only thing that will disrupt your peace of mind, though. You will be forced to exceed your originally scheduled project completion deadlines. All these things sound vexing, and in reality, they are! Hiring reliable builders in Harpenden and avoiding the following top five mistakes are perhaps the best ways to steer clear of such headaches.

1. Purchasing the Cheapest Building Materials

The idea of saving some money by buying the most inexpensive materials for the construction, extension or renovation of a home can tempt any person. But it is extremely imperative to resist it. Saving money is always appreciable as long as you do not do this at the expense of your home’s safety where you and your loved ones live. By purchasing doors, windows or floorings of substandard quality, you will risk the lives of people who matter the most to you.

Moreover, in the long run, cheap materials will actually cost you more, since they will not stand the test of time and you will be forced to get them replaced after like every five years rather than twenty. Therefore, before you make any final decision openly discuss with your contractor regarding the options available to you. Make sure that you realise the sacrifices you will be making by giving preference to money over longevity, quality and above all, safety.

2. Getting the Services of a Wrong Contractor

Finding and hiring a professional, reliable and qualified building contractor in Harpenden is an entire process in itself. Going for the very first company, you come across or preferring one with the cheapest quotation for your renovation or home construction project can be quite alluring. However, when you hire a contractor that is incompetent and do not possess the expertise to efficiently accommodate your needs, it can turn out to be a terrible nightmare for you.

Thereby, comprehensively assess different contractors and carry out the due diligence before finally settling on which company to take into service. Conventional wisdom suggests that you must solicit estimates from no less than three building contractors before kicking off your home renovation or extension project. Furthermore, you must read all the reviews and testimonials that are available on the web, and confirm that the contractor you are planning to hire is insured and bonded.

Apart from that, you will definitely prefer to work with a contractor who is easily reachable whenever needed and provides prompt responses to your queries and concerns. Solid communication can play a massive role in the smoothly completing the project, especially if your renovation venture is fairly large. Make sure you choose a professional contractor that offers admirable customer service.

3. Preferring Aesthetics over Practicality

Everybody dreams of having a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living area that gives the impression of taking it right from a showroom. However, when you are renovating or building your home, it would not be very helpful if you get way too much into aesthetics. When remodelling your home, if you accentuate merely the looks and do not consider practicality, there are great odds that you will not be satisfied with the end results.

Looks do matter, but you have got to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. As a matter of fact, it is your home where you are supposed to spend most of your time. It would be wise to give first priority to the functionality even if it pushes you to sacrifice several aesthetic details. It is advised to consult with the professional contractors who have been dealing with this dilemma for years now. They can help you find the perfect balance so that your house will look lovely while being fully functional at the same time.

4. Not Planning to Tackle the Unforeseen

When it comes to the construction or renovation of a house, things hardly ever go as originally planned. From trivial issues to significant predicaments, you can encounter quite a few unexpected challenges on the road to getting your house constructed. These troubles can cause delays and could inflate your budget. That is why it is imperative to keep some cushions in terms of money and time so that you can tackle the unanticipated issues without much fuss.

5. Continually Deviating Design Ideas

Some inspirations related to design do strike when professional builders in Harpenden already start working on your home renovation or extension project. However, these untimely deviations can ultimately cost you tons of money and precious time. The ideal way to avoid such problematic scenarios is by sitting with your contractor and thoroughly sharing your design concepts before they actually start working on them. This is the moment to speak up if you want any adjustments. Otherwise, it will cost you dearly.

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