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Builders Based in Welwyn Garden City

Professional Builders in Welwyn Garden City

It often makes complete economic sense to renovate your home rather than move. High prices of property in Welwyn Garden City can push the prospect of purchasing your next dream home just out of your reach, particularly when you consider the high costs of moving. Rated as one of the best builders in Welwyn Garden City, we’ve successfully completed many different projects in the area. Many property owners prefer to remodel their existing homes to get their dream home for less than the cost of moving. In Welwyn Garden City, we’re proud to have completed a wide range of different construction, extension, or renovation projects that have made a significant difference to their homeowners.

Extensions, Refurbishments, Conversions

Welwyn Hatfield is included in the top 25 districts for home improvements - standing at the 15th place overall, out of around 326 British districts. The number of home improvement projects in the district has grown by 10% between 2018 to 2019.

Whether you are about to extend your property or make better use of available space by converting your loft or garage, we have years of experience and the high-quality workmanship to make it happen. Our builders in Welwyn Garden City have successfully completed a full range of renovation projects too, including fitting new kitchens and bathrooms, knocking down walls for open plan living, and reconfiguring internal spaces.

Dedicated Services

Applewood Build care about the customers we help, and we never forget that it's your property and not our building site. All our builders in Welwyn Garden City work closely with clients to make your vision a reality. We’re focused on getting you the best possible results, as well as making sure we respect your comfort, your privacy and your wishes whilst work is in progress. To see what makes us different from others, take a look at our recent projects.

Get in touch with us today to talk about your project. We would be pleased to speak further about your project, whether it is loft conversions, home extensions, or home renovation in Welwyn Garden City.

Why Choose Us?

  • Best Renovation

             Our goal is to design and build your dream living space to the best possible standards.

  • Affordable Prices

              You’ll enjoy reasonable pricing and award-winning design-build services for your renovation.

  • Professional Expert

              We have built up a team of experienced and skilled professionals with a proven track record for quality.

  • Satisfaction GUARANTEED

              Each and every single project we undertake receives the similar standards of excellence from commencement to completion.

  • Beautifully Design

              Our highly experienced team bring together their creative skills and know-how to turn your ideas into reality.